Explore the Arts Day

By: Soheni and Reyna

Beginning Guitar:

    In Beginning Guitar, students learned the basics of guitar. The teacher was Mrs. Alban, the retired chorus teacher. The guitars were already in tune, making it quick to get started. The students learned basic chords like G Major and C Major and at the end of class, Mrs. Alban sang a song while the students played the chords.

Stage Makeup:

    In this activity, employees from “LASH’D” in Vernon Hills came by to create realistic scars using makeup, as well as traditional glam. Supervised by Mrs. Namkung, the group was a mix of all grades, almost all girls. The mediums used were eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, and lipgloss for the regular makeup, and eyeshadow and fake blood applied with a porous sponge for the “wounds.”

String Art:

    Taking place in the eighth grade hallway, the Sprague art teacher, Mrs. Feld, taught and instructed the process of creating a yarn design on a sheet of paper. She even taught a technique in order to thread a needle, using a paper clip. You loop the thread/yarn through the paper clip, and then easily slide the thin paper clip through the needle hole. Then remove the yarn from the paper clip. There you have it, an easily threaded needle! We also learned about different designs, a fountain, helix, or, just an improvisation. At the end, the paper board were framed with masking tape.

Special Effects Makeup:

   This class took place in Mr. Beno’s room. In this class, students were taught by a visiting Special Effects Makeup artist. The visitor distributed bags of supplies to create a fake wound. The fake wound was created with rolled oats, body paint, fake blood (corn syrup and food coloring), and liquid latex. This class was supervised by Mr. Mol. The process is fairly simple, first tear up tissue paper like the size of a hand. Then spread the latex around and layer up the tissue paper. Tear a hole in the tissue paper and stick rolled oats with the latex. Cover up the oats with paint and your finished.

Plant Based Cooking Tricks:

    The bakers from Holcomb Hollow in Mundelein visited our school to educate us about ways to make a variety of treats that most people love used no animal products. Furthermore, everything from their bakery is vegan and gluten free. We made chocolate truffles, chocolate turtles, and marshmallow fluff oatmeal cookie sandwiches. For the cookie sandwiches, the

marshmallow fluff was used with a very odd ingredient: chickpea can liquid. Who knew you could make something tasting just like marshmallow fluff using chickpea liquid!

Theatre Games:

    This class had a representative from “Roots” which is a musical theatre company. There they played games, such as “What Are You Doing.” In this game, as shown above, one person starts by doing an action. Next, the second person asks what they are doing. Then the second person does the action said by the first person. This continues, back and forth between the two people.

Upcoming Events in DW

By: Richard

Band: During the early stage of the year, everything is setting up nicely and the band doing generally well with rating themselves “decent” so far. Mr. Owens is doing a fantastic job managing and motivating the band. Lately, its members showing lots of appreciation towards him. Upcoming performances include the October 31st symphony, composing up of band, orchestra, and chorus and is in Milwaukee. There is also going to be a upcoming concert around January. Events relating to band include:

Jazz Band Auditions – Monday, September 17  Time: 3:35 – 4:55 Location: DW Band Room

Senior Citizens’ Day (8th Band Only) – Tuesday, October 23  Time: 1:15 P.M. Location: DW Cafeteria

Concert (7th and 8th) – Tuesday, October 31 Time: 7:00 P.M.  Location: DW Cafeteria

ILMEA Band/Orchestra Festival – Saturday, November 3  Time: All Day Location: Schaumburg HS

Winter Concert – Tuesday, December 18  Time: 7:00 P.M. Location: DW Green Gym

8th Grade Band Consortium – Tuesday, January 15  Time: 2:30 – 8:00 Location: Stevenson HS

Concert Attire

If band members forget their concert attire, they’ll need to wear black pants and the green band polo shirt. Black shoes or dark colored dress shoes with dark socks are also a crucial part of the uniform that is usually overlooked. It is mandatory to dress accordingly by the first performance.