By: Autumn Wang

 Wrestling is a vigorous activity to join at Daniel Wright. The coaches are Coach Jones and Coach Ingratta. Every day at practice, the team does many drills and practice matches to improve their techniques for the races such as somersaults, cartwheels, and running.  In our interview, Coach Jones stated, “We welcome everyone to join the team and encourage all pupils to attend the wrestling matches, where we compete against other schools.” The matches tend to run through the season of this sport and at the end of the season, there are regionals and state meets, but only qualified team members can attend. Also, the coaches are grateful for the wrestling member Josh Zimring. He’s Daniel Wright’s first 4-year team member, as he was here from fifth grade. Both coaches are proud of his achievements and say he’s the most accomplished member by far. In wrestling, you compete by weight class. This means that you will be put in groups based on your weight and compete with someone most likely your size to make it a fair competition. In wrestling, you must also have the appropriate gear for the matches. This includes items such as wrestling shoes, singlets, headgear, knee pads, and special mats that you wrestle on. Practice at Daniel Wright runs from 3:45 – 5:15 p.m. every Monday-Thursday unless instructed differently. Also, there is occasionally weightlifting on Fridays which is not required. Practice runs in the cafeteria or in the fitness room. This is a great sport to increase your intensity of activity daily and everyone is welcome to join!

Eighth grade basketball tournament

By Vishal and Yusuf

Did you know that the Daniel Wright basketball team had a tournament against the Fremont basketball team.  The game was played by the eighth graders and their was good playing from both teams. In the end the score was with many good plays and close calls.  We interviewed Mr. Rueth and asked him a few questions. The first question we asked was what was there favorite part of the game there response was they said everything was wonderful. We then asked what do you think you guys could have improved and he said we always have room for improvement.  The final score was not known yet, but there season ended on December 14. The match was on December,14 2018, it took place in the white gym.

They won 10 games out of the 12 they played. Mr.Rueth said  that’s his teams best qualities Effort during all practices and games. Also, they demonstrated wonderful Sportsmanship and Cooperation.were the team exhibited many qualities; however, the team demonstrated outstanding effort.

The basketball tournament went very well Daniel Wright won ten out of there twelve games and all of the teams had a lot of fun.

Chatting with Poms

Alexis, Mia, and Ashlyn

Opening up with cheer and basketball, poms is full of energetic dance and 8th graders choreograph their own dances. These girls perform in basketball games, and their performances at pep rallies are something to look forward to!

Poms squad: Jillian, Camille, Lauren, Abby, Abra, Ally, Ryann, Mia, Avery, Hanvita

Squad Interview

Q: What is your favorite sport other than poms?

A: Dancing, swimming, basketball.

Q: Why do you like being in the poms/cheer team?

A: To try something new, for more dance experience.

Q: Describe your coach.

A: Helpful and wants the girls to be the best they can be.

Q: What is a essential in poms?

A: A willingness to work hard and maybe some

dancing experience!

Coach interview

Q: What is your favorite part of coaching Pom and cheer?

A: Mrs. Campbell likes working with all the girls, and

getting to know them.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of being a coach?

A: Seeing their performance in the games

Q: Where do you perform?

A: Boys basketball games, pep rallies.

Patriot Middle School Conference Championship

IMG_6990The week of October 15 the seventh grade girls basketball team competed in the Patriot Middle School Conference Championship where they demonstrated the pinnacle of sportsmanship by being respectful, responsible, and positive. The girls A team came in first beating two teams that they lost to earlier in the season. The girls B team battled through to the championship game where they took home the silver medal.