Superbowl Plans

By: Rishabh W.

On February 7, 2016, Super Bowl 50 will kickoff. The game will be played at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. The city of San Francisco is building a huge Super Bowl city, and it will be aired all over. CBS will air the game. The advertisement price is a record high $5,000,000. Since it is the golden anniversary of the game, in addition to receiving the Vince Lombardi trophy, players on the winning team will get an 18 carat gold plated “50”. Jim Nantz will be the play by play person, while Phil Simms will be the analyst. Due to this being the 50th anniversary, the NFL decided to use Arabic numerals, instead of the standard Roman numerals. However, the tradition will return for Super Bowl LI. The last Super Bowl in the San Francisco Bay Area was Super Bowl XIX, in 1985. The British band Coldplay will star the halftime show, with Beyoncé and Bruno Mars also being featured. It can be fun to see all this, and be on the lookout for the Super Bowl City.

NFL Football Update

By: Rohan P.

Carolina Panthers- When people talk about the panthers they say one word WOW! They are rolling, and are on fire. Despite missing their star second year wide receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, they are still 13-0, and aren’t doing anything wrong. Their defense became so much better, and they are executing very well. Cam Newton is leading the NFL for rushing TD’s. I think the Carolina Panthers will go to the super bowl, and they will probably go all the way.  

NBA Basketball Update 12/3/15

By: Praneeth R.

Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant is going to retire soon. He is going to retire when this season ends. Kobe is 37 years old. On sunday he gave speech about retiring, and one of quote that he said is “This season is all I have left to give.”

NBA Basketball

By Govind S.
Potential- let’s look at it like this, the heat have healthy and good players. They might not be great, but all of them can do something effective. The team is full of three point stars. They might not be Currys but they can do something. Hassan Whiteside, a player from the d-league, is tall, athletic, and can score points. With his impact of the bench the Heat have a chance at playoff contention.


By: JunHa


  • Barcelona loses Lionel Messi for 2 month with Injury


         Sept. 26 at the game of Barcelona vs Las palmas, Lionel Messi gets a torn ligament in his left knee. Also, in other games, Barcelona loses Andres Iniesta, and Rafinha by Injury until they heal back. As a result, Suarez and other Barcelona players are doing their best effort to keep up.


  • The United States poor international break continued with the side beaten by Costa Rica in an international friendly.


United States lost by 0-1 against Costa Rica at Red Bull Arena in 10/13/15. After the Confederations Cup playoff loss to Mexico on Saturday, Klinsmann was already under fire and his team’s performance did nothing to ease the pressure. The USA was outplayed and fortunate not to concede several more against Costa Rica.


  • Shocking news for fun!

A youth soccer coach in Romania was caught on camera brutally attacking one of his players on the bench. In the shocking video, published by Romanian newspaper Gazeta Sporturilor, CSMS Iași coach Liviu Petrache kicks 16-year-old Codrin Tirișcă multiple times as Tirișcă is sitting down.


Seahawks by Rohan P.

They are really not having a good time. They are losing and giving up games in the 4th quarter. They are not doing very well. They are sitting in 3rd in their division. They need to do play better in the later stages of the game. Russell Wilson is having a tough time passing the football, and it looks like they may not even make the playoffs; after making the superbowl the last two seasons. They are really having difficulty to become an elite team like they previously were. We’ll have to see how they do the rest of the season, maybe things will turn around.

Bears Rumors

By: Dylan H.

There is a large report coming out of the Bears community. There are reports that the Bears are going to trade their best player. And the player there trading is… Brandan Marshal. He is the offenses best player. If this is true who will we get for the pro bowl player.

Additionally, there are some less important news for the Bears. It was said that Lance Briggs will not be back for next year. He is one of our core defensive player.

Finally the Bears are interested in getting a big fish as a free agent. Yes Vince Willforx. He can help the Bears.