By: Ethan Z. On November 18, 2016, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, two dazzling new 3DS Pokemon games, were released in multiple countries. The new games will introduce many new concepts and Pokemon, and the game is released during the year of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary. Both Pokemon Sun and Moon both cost $39.99. The new […]

By: Advik N. Edited By: Greycen R. The Nintendo Switch has the capabilities to be played at home, and on the go. Nintendo has worked on this console for four years, ever since the Wii U came out.    A major difference is a brand new controller. At first glance, the new controller looks like the […]

By: Eric Z. and Sashank C. There are three planned Pokemon games planned to release this year. These exhilarant games are named Detective Pikachu, which is going to be released February 3rd, in Japan, Pokken Tournament, which is going to be released around everywhere on March 18th, and finally in “early 2016”, Pokemon GO will […]

By: Eric Z. and Advik N. 1980s- FamiCom (Nintendo Entertainment System NES) ­ 1986 The NES was an 8­bit console, that saved the gaming industry. Without this device there would be no Playstation 4 or Xbox One. In Japan, the NES is called the FamiCom. Many popular games were released such as Super Mario Bros […]

Click Here to Watch Video The Daniel Wright Cooking Show returns for its second season!  After the success brought on by celebrity chef Mrs. Buchberger last year, the students of DW are taking cooking to the streets.  Alright… maybe not the streets, but to the cafeteria.  Watch as students share how to create a quick […]

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