by Brady Rivkin Saturated fats have often been demonized as making people fat and raising cholesterol, but they are falsely accused. Many doctors and nutritionists have concluded that dietary fat does not translate to bodily fat and that saturated fat does not have much of an effect on cholesterol levels. Over the last few decades, […]

by Brady Rivkin Be wise and sanitize. This is the phrase that has been uttered an enormous amount of times during this school year and in the past, but the notion that two actions commanded truly fit together is questionable. Sanitizer, though it has been lauded for the fact that it “kills 99.99% of germs” […]

by Sam Sweet Definitions for terms or acronyms or abbreviations about or for cars that are frequently mentioned. ABS- Most modern cars have ABS, Anti-lock Braking Systems, which is where brake force is adjusted to prevent the wheels from locking up. Boost pressure- The increase above atmospheric pressure used in turbocharging and supercharging. Catalytic converter- […]

Hey everyone, it’s First Gear writer Sam bringing you news from the 2018 Chicago auto show! Sorry for not taking more photos; I was too busy having a blast. Recommendation: Go straight for the Jeep course, skip the Toyota one. I got there 40 minutes before it opened, and the Jeep line was already outside […]

A Pumpkin’s Version of Halloween by Sophia Taguirov A pumpkin that changed the Torres’ November….. Now imagine me, I became a teeny little green, blob, you can say in the month of spring, as those people say. I was the first sprouting in the patch, as far as my eyes could see. I was watered […]

by Srikar Vegesna January 17, 2018 Reasons for Independence     On October 1st in 2017 the Catalonian Parliament sent a referendum to Madrid which was rejected and was described as illegal. The referendum explained why they wanted to split away and asked Spain to recognize Catalonia as an independent country. The people of Catalonia want to split […]