What You Should Know About The Midterm Elections This November

By: Zach C.

The midterm elections this year fall on November 4th, the same date as the presidential elections. All eligible voters can vote for senate, governor, and the representatives in their district. The two senators’ positions are up for grabs every six years, even though there is no limit to their time in office. Representatives from Illinois serve two year terms, and the governor serves a four year term. This year, the republican Bruce Rauner is running for governor against the current incumbent, Pat Quinn, a democrat. This race currently is extremely close, with both polling forty three percent. In the senate race, Dick Durbin, who is currently in office is the primary democratic candidate. He will be running against Jim Oberweis, who won the republican primary elections. Durbin is currently polling higher, but the elections will show who will serve with Mark Kirk. In our district, the 59th district, Carol Sente and Leslie Munger are running for state representative. No matter how many hate ads, or misinterpreted quotes there are, the democratic system will choose great candidates, and our magnificent state will have new representation for the citizens of Illinois.

How senators are elected: https://www.senate.gov/artandhistory/history/common/briefing/Direct_Election_Senators.htm