My Hero Academia – Season 4

By: Richard

“My Hero Academia”, a place where humans have evolved to have superpowers, sets the background of a place lurking with dangerous villains, heroic figures fighting to protect the peace, and younger generations learning to be great heroes themselves. With “My Hero Academia” already charged through season 3, the all-new, highly anticipated season 4 is soon coming! Most fans, like myself, would have some favorable moments from season 3 or in the past. Moments such as, for me, the fight of Deku against Muscular, the all remembered Sports Tournament, and of course, Mirio against Class 1-A. With the “Big-Three” just merely introduced, the community still has much to learn about Mirio, Tamaki, and Nejire. Of course, Mineta has been super hyped up for getting to work with Nejire, being the person he is. While the class still has much to learn about the Big Three in Season 4, Deku has been highly observant these past episodes.

The launch of Season 4 has been confirmed, everyone has been waiting anxiously. Plus, the brand new “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” movie! Even though there isn’t that much information on the movie so far, it looks amazing through the trailers! And, of course, I need to mention the “My Hero Academia Justice” video game. It looks stunning with the wide selection of different characters you can choose from. Any fan would want this game! On the manga series, “My Hero Academia” has generally short manga copies in comparison to other mangas, but has been one of the most popular. Right now, on the English version, Season 3 had just been finished, but on the Japanese original version, they are way further in the series than us fans in America!

My most favorite character is probably Monoma, I know, I have terrible taste! But, you have to consider how funny he’s been past these seasons, always there to crap all over Class 1-A. And might I mention the funny and comedic times where Kendo slaps him every time he’s blurting out! The enormous fanbase of this anime has always stuck together, and it’s amazing how “My Hero Academia” has been out since 2014! That must seem like ages ago, especially me! Overall, My Hero Academia has a bright future ahead of it, and we need them to know that their fanbase is here to support them!