By The Audiophile Beats. Everyone’s favorite brand. They cost upwards of $200, but they are made of one of the cheapest materials possible, plastic. The headphones’ built-in audio settings pump up the bass so high that they overpower the mids and highs that you can really appreciate with a pair of nice Sennheisers, V-Modas, Bose, […]

By: Ethan Z. In our new and advanced world, many new inventions are incredibly innovative, yet many people have never heard of them. Even those who know about some of these inventions, most don’t know there are toys for kids that teach them to code. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) majors have found ways to […]

By: Shreya S. Have you ever been annoyed by your tangled earbuds? Don’t they just seem to be a constant problem? A large percentage of the population in the current age use earbuds for daily use (about 50% according to, if it’s for listening to music or watching a movie. A common problem among […]

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By: Alexis P Created using soft pencils.

By: Ellie K. Description: This dragon gives off a creative aura, so whoever is in distance to it will feel crafty! Also be sure to watch out for wacky ribbons and paper cuts! Drawn using: ibisPaint X

By: Humza S., Sivank Y. Raw current most active superstars in the WWE until January 2nd Men’s Division Kevin Owens (current W.W.E. universal champion) Seth Rollins Roman Reigns (current United States Champion) Rusev Goldberg Braun Stroman Brock Lesnar Sami Zayn Jack Swagger Rich Swann( current Cruiserweight Champion) T.J Perkins Brian Kendrick Neville Women’s Division Charlotte Flair […]