Welcome! Meet the island paradise of Socotra near the country of Yemen! Socotra is part of an archipelago of four islands. The island is only 250 km long, however many say that this mysterious island is ‘a wonder of the world’ since it has not been touched for many centuries and holds many fascinating secrets. […]

by: Brady Rivkin Imagine going through every second of life paranoid about being an outcast. Every move made seems to be silently condemned by your peers and you have no way of stopping the onslaught of cryptic criticism. Years upon years of this life tear at the spirit, forcing it to build a resistance with […]

In a time when obesity rates in the U.S. are skyrocketing, America needs a consistent solution. To combat one major cause of obesity in sugar intake, a beverage tax is absolutely necessary. Many have been implemented across the country, but none have been so effective as to discourage enough people from buying soda. In fact, […]

By Audrey. Ready, set, no work! With winter break coming, most of us are going to stay home. With our Netflix subscriptions paid, Amazon all ready to go, and Hulu purchased so we can binge our favorite shows, we can’t wait to go on break sooner. But here’s the hard part: figuring out what to […]

by: Charlie Carr

On Earth, or what was left of it, people celebrated to have survived until 2040. Many were coming to terms with the fact that the Earth would be uninhabitable soon, but a few visionaries were hopeful. One such optimist was a journalist by the name of Hector Mejorador, who at the time specialized in satire. […]

Brady Rivkin   Disclaimer: This article and any other opinion articles published by the Daniel Wright Voice are not endorsed by the Daniel Wright Junior High School, nor do they reflect the views of the school. These articles are solely the opinions of the students at the school. Music is music only when it isn’t […]