Spanish Bookmarks For Charity

By: Soheni and Reyna

    For the Unit 3 project in the sixth grade Spanish classes, sixth graders created videos regarding their chosen organization to raise money for their organization. Each

Caption: These wolves are from the Endangered Wolf Center. The wolf in the far right is the mother while the minute ones to the left are the pups.

group/individual presented their videos to their class. Then the classes voted which organization they liked best. To do this, the whole grade would vote in their classes, and then vote out of the ten chosen projects. The overall winning organization was Endangered Wolves Center, presented by Miles and Jason.

    The organization is based in Eureka, Missouri and helps endangered wolves and foxes, hence the name. Anyone can adopt a wolf by paying a monthly fee to the organization. They can also get benefits there such as getting a one year membership to the Endangered Wolf Center, a biography and colored photo of the animal chosen to be “adopted,” discounts on select programs, etcetera. Furthermore, the endangered wolf center also has 6 different endangered wolf species that they take care of. These include Mexican wolves, red wolves, and other wild species. Also offered are summer camp, yoga, and tours.

    “Diversity night was a great night for the Endangered Wolf Center located in Eureka, Missouri because we raised $155. We had lots of people selling bookmarks that all helped, some walking around and some sitting.” Miles stated.

    The 6th grade Spanish teachers gave their students templates of the bookmark, if they were to draw it out. If the students were to design their bookmarks electronically, the templates would be online on the teacher’s home page. The bookmarks would have to be turned in a week before Diversity Night so that the teachers could laminate the bookmarks.

    At the diversity night held on April fourth, the bookmarks were sold in the evening, from 6:30-8:00 at Daniel Wright. Bookmarks were sold at a table outside of the school library, and only for that evening. If you didn’t buy bookmarks for this amazing cause, buy some next year, for only a dollar each.

The Diversity Fair


    The Diversity Fair is an event at Daniel Wright that celebrates the differences of culture, traditions, and all different countries that D.W’s students come from. This event held 18 different showcases that produced artifacts, writing and snacks from many different countries, including China, India, and Poland. Some displays were Chinese calligraphy, a.k.a 大字, da zi, traditional polish outfits, and lassi, which is a yogurt base mango drink native to India. Also, in the CAPE hallway there was Bulgarian and Greek food and a display of artifacts as well. The other showcases on site included diversity book club’s set, which was an area that held all of the books read for the club and art made by the participants as well. As well as book tasting. Book tasting is an event that raises money for young children in Chicago that can’t afford books. Whilst in the cafeteria, they had many concerts with dancing, singing, and even a Chinese dragon! In the gym, there were games such as Badminton, Diabolo, and Cricket. Even though we had so many activities that day, we also must remember the staff and community that helped make this event possible, so a big thanks to Mrs. Blackley and the teachers below.

  • Ms. Kodros
  • Ms. Funk
  • Mrs. Ligdas
  • Ms. Yan
  • Mrs. Tersina
  • Mrs. Gettleman
  • Mrs. Littlefair

    These were the teachers and staff that were in the Diversity Fair committee to help coordinate the food, activities and shows. These were all of the fun and festivities at the fair. We hope you went as well!

Mrs. Kodros’ Experience As A Professional Chef

By Alexis P.

  Family Consumer Sciences is the place where you get your cookies, your salad, your potatoes, and so much food. Mrs. Kodros started teaching to educate on how to cook healthily. She has worked at restaurants professionally with a masters in health and a bachelors in culinary arts. The culinary world is not as easy as one thinks. Long hours are grueling, but the creativity that goes into a dish is fantastic.


Interviewer: Why did you start working here?

Mrs.Kodros: Originally, I started working here because I always wanted to teach children how to cook healthily. I also have a masters for health.

Interviewer: What was the name of the restaurant you worked at?

Mrs.Kodros: I’ve worked at many places, but one restaurant I worked at was called Via Gelato.

Interviewer: How was the experience of working there?

Mrs.Kodros: Really fun, it was a small restaurant that I ran for some business owners, Italian “Panera” known for gelato

Interviewer: Describe the experience in a word.

Mrs.Kodros: Inspiring because I was in charge, and I could do whatever I wanted creatively.

Interviewer: What qualified you to be a chef?

Mrs.Kodros: I have a bachelors in culinary arts.

Interviewer: How long did you work there?

Mrs.Kodros: I worked there for a year and a half until I went to graduate school and became a teacher.

Interviewer: What was the hardest part of being a chef?

Mrs.Kodros: The hours. They were very demanding. 18 hours day and night, holidays, and even weekends.

Interviewer: What was the best thing about being a chef?

Mrs.Kodros: I enjoyed building relationships with customers and staff.

Interviewer: What was your favorite food at the restaurant?

Mrs.Kodros: Banana strawberry crepes or pesto tomato grilled cheese panini.

Interviewer: If you could tell your past self something, what would you say?
Mrs.Kodros: I would tell myself to enjoy the time there and not to stress.

The Loved One

By: Dhruv

Chapter One:

Danger is Ahead!

        Jack O’Ryan looked solemnly at the picture. Tearing at the face of his loved one, he thought his whole life had fallen downhill. Bad grades, depression, and getting bullied weren’t  even the biggest problems of his life. His mother, Amelia’s death was; or so he thought it happened. Amelia had disappeared strangely on a Monday morning when she was going to work. Jack looked for her desperately but no one had even seen her face or car that day. Amelia’s boss was upset to. Now their sales slowed down. He thought, “What a drag”. Jack’s mom was the best saleswoman in the whole state. What happened to her? Why is she gone? Who did this? Is she dead? Jack pushed himself to answer these questions.

    After school, Jack immediately went to his house, or what some people called, a mansion. Now he only had 12 cars. Their Lamborghini Huracán Evo Spyder “disappeared” when Amelia was driving to work. Drinking his blue, clear water reminded him of his mom. Then, Jack heard an echoing voice from the 7th floor.

    “We’re going to her funeral,” said Zach, Jack’s father.

    “But Dad I—”. Jack stopped talking between his words because he knew she was probably dead. He knew there was little chance she would still be alive. Jack would be isolated since he didn’t have a brother or sister, and with his mother gone, he couldn’t play any board games. Jack went to the 7th floor and put on his jacket wistfully.

    In the Bugatti Veyron, Jack and Zach were completely silent. Zach wasn’t even in the mood for speeding like he usually does. Did Amelia’s have bad luck? The first one disappeared and the second one did to. At least one of them didn’t die in a murderous way.

    “Look on the bright side,” exhaled Zach while pushing on the brakes of the car.

    “There isn’t a bright side dad,” Jack solemnly remembered.

    They finally arrived at 1239 Death Strike Court. Jack rollerbladed to the entrance with his umbrella in his hand. It was lightly drizzling now. 20 people were already at her buried area from Jack’s sight. Connor, Jack’s friend, had his parents get some people to dig up dirt, pile it up, and flatten it.

    Zach was awkwardly smiling for some reason. Maybe he was just laughing at a old joke to cheer him. At least that’s what Jack thought.

    When they reached the burial, everyone was already looking down. There was already 21 flowers on the dirt, after Zach put his wet flower on. Holding his cross in his hand, Jack sent prayers.

    “Please, please say she isn’t dead,” muttered Jack.

    Suddenly, Jack heard booms. He heard it. He was positive. Connor screamed. He opened his eyes slightly and glanced toward the direction of the scream.

    Connor was on the ground, with a puddle of blood to the left of his body.

The Starving Knight




By: Richard

    The world had stopped revolving. From the scorching, blazing deserts to the barren, deserted tundras, I dwelled. Blind to the world around me, a

little shimmer of gleaming hope had been pinched out. The honor of my name, ‘Kazimir’ had been shattered like glass. Hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks, time had no longer been a crucial variable in my life, or what was left of it. At the time, I was subjected to a new world, a world of sins and flames. Screams of innocents screeched in my mind for salvation, each one grasping my body while their burning fingers went deep into my flesh. I screamed myself, all I could see was a light, the cleanest, purest, and almost transparent light. I brought out my arm in an attempt to escape this place of torture, but the light never came to me. It was just an illusion. The light appeared to suddenly back away, further and further away until it was no longer visible. I kicked and shouted with my limbs for my life, but the more I struggled, the more each grip got tighter. Piles upon piles of smoldered rubble. I tried, I tried to push as much  off of me as I could, but somehow made my actions feel increasingly demonic. Soon, I couldn’t push any longer, my strength had been sapped away to only leave a frail skeleton of a human. I gave in. The screams got louder, louder, louder, and even louder. The bombarding onslaught of cacophony was the only sound that pierced my ears, never to end…

    I woke up to a jolt. “Perhaps it was just a dream,” I said to myself in a weak and subtle voice. The sand beneath me had been cold, however not so extreme as to be freezing. From what I could perceive, the environment was serene. I could remember that I had been traveling in this current desert for roughly five days by now. “Wow, five days,” I thought, “Five days since I got blinded. If I were to have any luck left, I would fall off a chasm and die in a swift and peaceful manner.” I didn’t believe that I had been isolated for too long, but at the same time, I thought it was ages since I last communicated with another human. By the temperature of my surroundings, I knew it was dark, the perfect time to start traveling. As I started crawling myself in an unknown direction, dragging my entire body with my strained hands, I heard a noise in the distance. “Ah, it’s just a bird,” I said to no-one. Soon, the audible sounds of footsteps were near. I stayed completely silent, I hoped to god that if it was human, they would end my suffering.

    “Uhhh, hello there traveler…? Didn’t expect to see anybody out here tonight, especially not someone crawling on the ground.” The unknown voice had not been so deep, but not exactly high-toned either. “If you wish to steal from me, I’m afraid nothing of value or use will come your way. But, if you’re still not satisfied, then bury me in the sand dunes where I can pursue my eternal rest and sleep silently…”. I prepared for the worst, clenching my weak fist while scrunching up my body. Nothing happened. “Woah there stranger, I don’t want you to make any assumptions. We mean no harm. Here, let me help you up.” I let out my breath. “So you mean you wish not to take what little I have?” The odd man suddenly chuckled, “Of course not! C’mon, we would never stoop that low to steal from someone crawling in a desert! We have morals.”

    I stayed silent. Uncertainty and fear clouded up my mind and didn’t allow any other thoughts to parade my mind. I could feel my arms twitching uncontrollably while freezing chills were sent down my back. “Why don’t we let you over to our place? Show you around— our treat.” He seemed so comfortable, almost as if he had known me for multiple years. “If he’s so calm, why am I so disturbed,” I thought to myself. I couldn’t see it, but I was assuming that he had reached out his hand for a shake.

    I was so distraught at the moment, I must’ve been a pathetic sight at the time for those people. I reached my hand out, making contact with the stranger’s hand. His hand felt tough and gristly, all covered in large, bushy, and sprouting hairs. At the same time, my hand seemed so frail and fragile in comparison that I felt more ashamed of what little pride I had left. Suddenly, his hand had wrapped around my fingers in a crushing grip. As he pulled me up, I saw a slight crease from what vision I had left. He had enormous bags being hoisted onto his shoulder, a large checkered shirt that had been plastered across his body, and thick boots that had tracks on them. I had abandoned my armor from which I previously had a long time ago, so contrary to what I would like to believe, I most likely appeared as a apparition of a human.

    “When was the last time you ate?,” he asked. “If I’m going to be honest, you look like something that was left out for too long.” I ignored his insightful comments. “Thank you so much, your kindness and hospitality is truly appreciated,” I asserted. “Ah it’s nothing— we have some horses that you can hitch a ride on.” I smiled, although it was only a couple of days, I couldn’t feel more blessed to meet with these travelers.” As I groped around for the sensation of a horse, I hoped my struggling wouldn’t appear as humiliating as I thought. “Say, mate, are you perhaps— excuse me for being rude, blind perchance?” I was shocked, I thought that they had already acknowledged the fact that I had lost the luxury of sight. “Yes, I have gone blind,” I responded. “I’ve been blind for only a couple of days now.”

    In my head, I hoped dearly that they wouldn’t ask. Instead, he batted an eye at my appearance and shrugged it off. I sighed in relief, and followed where ever the sound of footsteps was prevalent. I eventually landed my hand on a trusty steed, and did my best to maneuver myself over a leather saddle. “Welp, we better get going, by this rate, the town ‘ill be worrying ‘bout us.” When I had situated my body on the horse, I felt liberated from the bounds of my own body. As the horse proceeded, all the weight I had previously experienced had been lifted off my shoulders. Soon, we got closer and closer to the village. I initially thought it was a utopian oasis, waiting to save my soul and rest my eternal spirit. But, after a while, I realized the reality of what it was and slumped down into my cold, sturdy saddle.

    Once we arrived, many sounds had made their way to me. The burning sparks erupting from what I supposed was a bonfire, the gentle sand and debris subsiding along with the wind, and the leaves rustling in the dust, crinkling bit by bit until they were no more. “Well, here we are! Everybody is asleep right now, so I can take you to a bed if ya want.” I was entranced by the eerie yet soothing atmosphere. “Yes, thank you— that would be lovely,” I responded. As he took my hand, I recognized the terrible state I was in. My legs were so bony and frail, I was surprised I had even made it that far.

    As I situated my body upon a straw mattress, I fell asleep within an instant. My pains drifted away as I sunk myself into a large galleon of the seas of my dreams. I don’t remember how, but I would recall that night as one of the best nights of my entire life. When morning had dawned upon me, I had taken quite the duration to recognize it. Rubbing my eyes, I woke up to an astounding discovery. I had gotten my sight back.

    Originally, blurry streaks of morphed colors were only present in my vision. But, as time passed, and as the more I rubbed, colors started to merge and form into wild and incomprehensible shapes. Soon, it all came together. I had been resting in a straw area surrounded by smooth stone walls. Dust swayed across each surface while particles bounced around, only visible in the light of a nearby window. I gasped. However, I was only shocked for a couple of seconds. As I got up, I was greeted by a small child who had been holding a small, stray animal.

    “Oh, hello mister! Glad to know that you’re awake! My daddy is making breakfast right now!” I smiled. “Ah, thank you, I’ll be there in a moment.” Once I made my way towards the interior, I came upon the person who had guided me out of the barren wasteland. “Ah, Hey there mate.”

To Be Continued…